When your head is right, life flows

The Soul Spa is a place of serenity where you can learn and practice all things concerned with the mind and mind-body connection. Our aim is to offer an oasis of calm wherein you can discover your inner world of peace and healing. Some courses are based on the newest neuroscientific research and others on ancient spiritual teachings and wisdom. We offer something for everyone, from the very start of life, through childhood and adolescence, to parenthood, career, sporting and life achievements, pain and weight management to the serenity of old age and exploration of the non-physical world beyond death.

We have an open and adventurous attitude to treatments, combining practices such as acupuncture with guided meditation, or reflexology with sound healing. Whether you have specific issues or are in a particular time of life when you need a bit of extra help, or you are looking to deepen your current practices and learn new ones, we believe we can help.

Many of our regular classes have beginner courses where you can learn about the background and benefits of various practices so that you can ‘try before you buy’. If you want to carry on in a warm and supportive environment, you can become a member or pay as you go.

Madeline Blackburn, founder of the Soul Spa

A few words from Madeline

I still remember the moment I became interested in the nature of consciousness. I was 17 and had just passed my driving test. I drove myself up to some woods north of Lancaster and went for a walk alone.

I can’t explain why, but during that walk I became aware of a part of myself that was able to separate from and observe ‘Madeline’ in a completely independent way.You might call it a sort of out of body experience.Up until that point I had always been very much in my body, viewing things very much from my own perspective.After my walk I realised that Madeline was an identity that I could understand and ‘be’, but it seemed very clear to me that there was quite a bit more to the story.

Fast forward about 5 years and I was living in Australia. I came upon a leaflet about meditation, and my love affair with all things connected with the brain and mind-body connection began in earnest.

Since then I have qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and completed numerous courses in the mind-body connection field. The whole area became my hobby, my passion, and I am overwhelmingly excited that it is now becoming my career.

The process of learning all this stuff has been long and a bit bumpy. Sometimes I haven’t thought about it for months on end, sometimes I have been completely immersed in one aspect or another.

There is so much to learn, and as the years have gone by, I have watched with fascination as the technology has caught up and is now able to show us what we could only theorise about before.

I am certainly no guru or Buddhist monk who can mediate for hours on end, I’m a very ordinary person with the normal stresses of life and some pesky habits I’d really like to break!I can tell you though, if you begin to practice some of the things you can learn at The Soul Spa, you can hugely improve your outlook on life, and your joy and appreciation for every moment you spend on the planet, no matter how hard it seems sometimes.

My mission is to help others to learn what I’ve spent the last 30+ years studying, because I think it will make us all happier and healthier.

I hope you will join me and the other wonderful teachers and therapists at the The Soul Spa on the journey of a lifetime.

The Concept

Soul Spa candle

Our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our behaviour, our behaviour creates our life.

The Soul Spa is a new concept in health and wellness. Many of us go to the gym, or try to eat healthily to try to maintain good health, but how many of us pay attention to what is going on in our heads? The first place to start when considering any regime for wellbeing is within. Our conscious and subconscious minds control everything we think and do, and we are often at the mercy of our automatic programming, environment, or simply habits as we go about our daily lives.

What if our thoughts are creating emotions and behaviours that don’t serve us? Can we change them or are we completely under their power? Are we pre-destined to get that rush of adrenalin when somebody annoys us on the road and we experience road rage? Do you know what happens when the adrenaline surges through your body? What about the long- term effects of being slightly worried, on edge or anxious? What happens to your mental and physical health then?

Recent advances in brain and body scanning techniques allow us to measure what is going on when we experience long-term stress. Almost daily there is a headline about the mental health of one group or another, but the connection between mental and physical health is not always discussed.

The great news is that we can indeed begin to change the way we think and feel. The automatic programming can be changed if we are willing to engage with it. The Soul Spa is all about helping people to become aware of the thought patterns that they would like to change and give them the tools to change them.

Dive in and look at some of the classes and courses on offer. With practice and determination you can regain control of your mind and therefore being to create the life you really want to lead, not the one your past and environment has programmed you to lead.

It’s a wonderful and exciting journey – welcome aboard!