Develop and Enhance your Psychic Abilities with Tracie Lissenden

Running again due to high demand!

Do you find that when you are thinking of someone, the phone rings, and it’s them calling?

Or you think of someone that you have not seen for a long time and you end up bumping into them?

Or, you have this knowing that you should not drive a certain way as you will get stuck in traffic, but you dismiss this and end up in a traffic jam for hours. If only you had listened to your gut feelings!

This is your intuition and psychic abilities at play and on this course you will learn more about what these are and how to use them.

This course is for beginners and includes the following topics:

  1. Begin to trust your intuition
  2. Meet your spirit guides
  3. Learn how to ground your energy
  4. Work with chakras
  5. Learn how to open your energies to work with others
  6. Learn how to read oracle cards using your psychic abilities
  7. Work with many tools, colour, psychometry, cards

And lots, lots more!

The course is for those who want to develop their intuitive or psychic abilities, to have more understanding of the energies that surround them, to know how to work with these energies and to discover the difference between psychic energy and spirit energy. It’s being facilitated by Tracie Lissenden, an experienced natural energy healer.

The course starts on Tuesday 7th April and runs for 6 weeks. Each session runs from 7.30 – 9.00pm.
It is being held here at the Soup Spa in our Quantum Field room.
The cost is £150.00 for the whole six week course.

To book your place, please contact Tracie Lissenden at