Managing your Moods and Mindset in Midlife

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There are some common themes that women worry about at the time of mid-life unraveling.

(Brene Brown coined that phrase!)

We are faced with our mortality

We look in the mirror and don’t quite recognize the woman looking back

There may be a sense of running out of time

And we definitely are feeling there has got to be more to life than this

Despite having friends and a good social life, and being financially secure, we start to question what our purpose is, start to feel a bit invisible and begin to wonder who we are beyond the labels we have been wearing for so many years.

You have had a life-time of pleasing others and living by the rules and now it is your time. Your purpose of raising children and getting them to the right place at the right time with the right things has passed or is imminent, and now you are wondering who you are and what the future holds. You have realised that happiness is not to be found in things, but the glass of wine at six o’clock is still welcomed, to take the edge off how you are feeling.

Brene Brown says this-

“What bubbles up from this internal turmoil is fantasy. We might glance over at a cheap motel while we’re driving down the highway and think, I’ll just check in and stay there until they come looking for me. Then they’ll know I’m losing my mind. Or maybe we’re standing in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher when we suddenly find ourselves holding up a glass and wondering, “Would my family take this struggle more seriously if I just started hurling all this shit through the window?”

Yes absolutely nutrition, exercise and self care are really important but there is something else…..something that not many women know about.

The thing is we have between 12-60 thousand thoughts per day, and our mind set and our moods will be the product of how much time and energy we spend dwelling on particular thoughts. Our beliefs and our inner world create our moods, and then our moods create our day.

We have been tricked into thinking that it is the outside world that creates how we feel, it really looks that way right?

But actually it is the opposite.

Our outer world is the direct reflection of our inner world.

In this group coaching programme you will learn-

  • The three things that we have all got in common that are causing our moods and affecting our wellbeing.
  • That you don’t need to take that voice that says “you are too old, too too tired or not confident enough in to account and that to change how you feel there is actually very little you need to do.
  • That you already have all your answers, and that you are connected to an intelligence that has your back, and is already looking after you, that you can rely on, trust and tune into for inspiration whenever you need it.
  • That peace of mind, happiness and positivity are only one thought away.
  • And, that re-building your confidence and self esteem doesn’t need to take hours of work and therapy.

Results you can expect-

No more spending hours wishing your life was different, not knowing what to do
No more anxiety, sleepless nights, desperately wanting change and excitement
No more wondering who you are and what your role is
It is time to find balance and come back to yourself

We will work in a small group of ten and this programme is a combination of education, exercises, reflection and meditation and will take place over six weekly sessions.

In these sessions we will cover-

1.The Nature of Thought-

In the first part we are going to look at what thinking is, why we do it, what the nature of thought is and why it is actually nothing to worry about, so you can begin to loosen the grip on your moods and reveal a more positive mindset.

  1. The Nature of Reality-

In part two we will look more deeply at exactly why overthinking is nothing to worry about when we understand what it is, at how we determine the quality of our day to day experience, and more about living with and loving life’s happenings and surrendering our desired outcomes and need to control.

3.The Nature of Recovery-

Part three will look at the nature of recovery, resilience and wellbeing and how we are connected to an intelligence that always has our back, always waiting to guide us back to our peace of mind.

4.The Nature of Freedom-

In part four we will dive a bit deeper into other people’s minds, how to understand other people and how to be free from any hurt’s or past circumstances that we currently can’t get out of our heads.

5.The Nature of Impact-

In part five we will future pace and look at the impact of knowing how the system works and how we can emerge from the paralysis of people pleasing, overthinking and catastrophising our future to create space for insight.

6.The Nature of Life-

Part six will be about looking at compassion, gratitude and meditation as practices to enhance our lives that are scientifically proven, before rounding it all up and answering any questions that have arisen during the course and any misunderstandings left to clear up.

Courses run regularly and are held in Bath at the Soul Spa.

The next course will start on 12th November

Just in time to get our minds in the right place for Christmas!

The investment is £345 for the complete course and all materials.

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Manage your moods and your mindset in mid-life