Debbie Armitage
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How did I become a Reflexologist?.

Well, I trained in Tai Chi Chuan for many years, so I had an interest in energy work, and I was at a stage in life where I was looking around for another string to my bow. On a journey to a training weekend I stopped at the Cygnus bookshop in Lampeter, picked up a book on Reflexology by Inge Dougans and leafed through it. The name of my teachers teacher leapt out at me, so I bought it, and the rest is history. I trained at the Oxford School of Reflexology in 2007, as they taught Inge’s Reflexology course and qualified in 2008.

I moved to Bath in 2009 and met Caroline Josling, from whom I learnt FER, facial energy release (also known as Rejuvenesance) and that in turn lead me to train with Ziggie Bergman, learning Facial Reflexology, Facial Massage and Gua Sha. These three elements combine to make the Zone Face Lift treatment, which has been described as a natural alternative to Botox. Including shamanic elements such as smudging, and crystals and meditation, it is a treatment that combines wellbeing and beauty, lifting both body and spirit.

I love giving both foot and facial reflexology, and seeing clients relax, let go of stress, feeling rejuvenated at the end of the treatment.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists.