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Kathryn has been a student and advocate of yoga and meditation for most of her life.

She became fascinated by yoga as a teenager and trained in zen meditation whilst attending university. After completing an MA in Archetypal Psychology, Kathryn facilitated the initial provision of yoga and meditation classes in prisons throughout the UK with the Prison Phoenix Trust in Oxford.

Through many years as a Reception and Nursery teacher, Kathryn has developed a playful and engaging approach that infuses her sessions with aspects of stillness, imagination and a sense of adventure. Today, Kathryn offers iRest Yoga Nidra mediation in private practice as well as educational, corporate and clinical settings in Bath and London.

I love practising and teaching iRest Yoga Nidra meditation because it has provided me with a systematic way of combining the cognitions of insight and awareness together with feelings of joy and ease to achieve lasting wellbeing. During exercise, iRest has helped me to discern how much effort to exert, when to recover and how to sustain a flow state.

I believe that rest is a life skill not a luxury.  I have discovered that REST is free, always present and can be tapped into in a nanosecond.  By practising iRest little and often, you can learn how to establish an oasis of truly restorative REST to rely upon for relief from anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, pain, sleeplessness, creative block and PTSD.  Once learned, iRest becomes a set of self-care tools for life, helping you to respond rather than react to life’s challenges.  My aim is to help you learn how to rest effectively so that you can achieve your goals for wellbeing and for life.