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Monika is a Healer. She was awarded a diploma from the Archangel School of Healing in 2019.

Earlier qualifications include completing (2008) a theoretical and practical course of bioenergotherapy and energy medicine in Poland. She subsequently completed two furthertraining workshops to develop and enhance her skills in bioenergotherapy.

Monika has always been passionate about working with the people. Helping people out, supporting them, bringing smile on their faces in difficult situations makes her happy. Her other passions are medicine and psychology.She is a qualified nurse and has studied social education as well as rehabilitation pedagogy. For years she worked as a teacher and lecturer.

Since 2006, when she came to the UK, she has continued her work with people as a support worker. This has involved working with a range of people – different ages, abilities and personalities.

It helps her to understand better people’s behaviour, interactions,social reactions, how they overcome stressful situations, and how they deal with emotional and physical difficulties.

Monika also realises that we are on a life journey, with life taking us in different directions: sometimes we may feel lost, stuck and confused. We are overstressedand unable to move forward, withlow motivation and low self-esteem. We are full of emotions, fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs. Moreover, we are suffering from physical illnesses.

Monika’s background and experiences, coupled with her great passion about bioenergotherapy and healing, have helped her understand that our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being are integrated with both our energetic and physical systems. She realises how vital it is that we gain balance in our bodies.

It can be achieved in different ways – one of them is balancing the body’s energy. With this aim in mind, Monika offers energy healing sessions. This therapy balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for an experience of well- being.