Owen Morgan
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Owen is a fully qualified Sports / Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, having trained with ‘Intelligence Training Systems’. He also trained as a Personal Trainer (training with Lifetime Fitness in Bristol).

He works at Harnham Physiotherapy clinic in Salisbury and has worked within the theatre world supporting cast and crew for over 6 years. Owen runs a mental health movement called ‘Man Cove Wellbeing’ that supports men with educational videos and story telling.

Owen runs Aquae Sulis Wellbeing alongside his partner Carla-Jo Geraghty who is also part of the Soul Spa. You can find out more about us at Aquae Sulis Wellbeing and contact him at asuliswellbeing@gmail.com.

More from Owen…
In the spring of 2013 I finished my training with ‘Intelligence Training Systems’ to become a fully qualified Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist. On this course I also became a Biomechanics trainer. Following this in May 2015 I studied and completed a course in Kinesio Taping.

All of my certificates are present to be seen in all my client consultations. I have insurance with Zurich via Balens.

Since early 2015 I have been working with the cast, crew and staff of a theatre in Bath and more recently Cardiff. Using my deep tissue and sports massage work with popular touring shows and local productions has been such a joy for me as I have been able to keep cast performing on the stage each and every night.

Theatre has a place in my heart after years working front of house at a wonderful theatre in the Southwest. My love for live shows and films has been a favored pastime for most of my life. I have worked within many industries prior to my work with complementary heath and all have played there part in how I deliver sessions. Trust between myself and the client is number one.

I have always been interested in fitness and my passions within it lead me to many forms of sport and exercise including running, squash, badminton, weight training and tough mudder style races.

I played in a squash league for a year, ran half marathon races for 2 years and even broke a world record in Badminton for charity, playing 32 hours straight without sleep. Taking my body to that next level of fitness has been a huge driver.

In the last 2 years I have had a chance to explore the world of psychology, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and energy work such as Reiki. It has really allowed me to see the importance of the mind and body connection. How our minds and bodies need to work in unison and be in healthy communication. This lead me to meeting Carla-Jo and 2 years after meeting her Aquae Sulis Wellbeing was born.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon.