Sophie Shenstone
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Free-style Yogini, lover of Nature, Mind-Body-Spirit enquiry, creative Arts, music, Philosophy and the teachings of Buddhist-based Dharma…Also a mother of Teens, and advocate of Teen Yoga!

Sophie has been exploring meditation for thirty years, both within the context of a regular Hatha Yoga practice, as well as a practice of ‘just meditating’…

Having taught Yoga with meditation at it’s core, in Bath and beyond since 2001, she originally trained in Integral Yoga. She sees her yoga practice as primarily a way of embodying Wonder and Gratitude, focussing and calming the mind/body continuum, stepping out of the stories of our ego, to dip into a feeling of wholeness and trust. Rooted in respect and care for the body, yoga practice lifts us with each breath into remembering we are part of the infinite web of life – not lone beings struggling hold our corner, with the troubles of the world weighing us down! In practical terms, a way to stay sane and centred amidst life’s dramas.

Sophie teaches a variety of meditation styles. Breath awareness (sitting or moving), Breath with Mantra, Insight Meditation, Metta Bhavana (Buddhist Loving Kindness), Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), and Open Awareness meditation, based on the teachings of Advaita and Zen…Each have their own flavour! If one has a regular practice, it helps to foster that expanded, centred feeling so that it has a chance to pervade the rest of daily life. Meditation helps us to make better decisions, feel less stressed, and tone down our reactivity. We can also use it to tap into our deeper layers and act from a more authentic place within ourselves.

Sophie draws inspiration from being in Nature and connecting with the seasonal/cyclical ebb and flow energies. She brings insights from the earth-based teachings of Shamanism, as well as the ‘plugging in’ practices of Chi Kung. We align ourselves with our energetic core, by connecting with Earth and Sky, and this leads into an embodied appreciation of our true Nature.