Pre-Christmas Weight-Loss-with-a-Difference Start dates 5th, 6th and 7th November

If you get your head into the right place, eating for health is easy.

Get ready for the party season by dedicating November to achieving your weight and health goals. This course is different to others in that it will address your mindset.

Using a mixture of the latest discoveries about how our bodies respond to food, hypnotherapy, EFT, visualisations and group support, we will work as a group to help everyone to achieve their weight-loss goals so we can enter the Christmas party season feeling our very best and full of energy.

Week 1

  • Autophagy, how your body responds to insulin, ketones, target setting and eating plans.
  • Visualisation – becoming the best version of yourself.

Week 2

  • Reflect on the week.
  • Habits and how to change them, emotional v conscious eating.
  • Hypnotherapy session.

Week 3

  • Reflect on the week
  • EFT – what it is and how to use it for healthy eating, interrupting bad habits and removing the causes of emotional eating
  • EFT practise session

Week 4

  • Reflect on the journey and celebrate achievements
  • How to imbed new habits for life
  • Visualisation

Tuesdays 10-11.30am, Wednesdays 7-8.30pm or Thursdays 2-3.30pm throughout November, (three courses will run concurrently to give you flexibility, each course is a total of 6 hours)

£60 per person, includes full access to the Soul Spa meditation classes throughout November (worth £40).

Contact Madeline for more details or to book your place: