’When your head is right, life flows.’

Meditation Classes We Offer

We believe we have something for everyone to help maintain healthy, strong minds

Breath Beats - Breathe to energise your body and mind, an on-line, recorded session for 5, 10 or 15 minutes

Breathe with us for just 5, 10 or 15 minutes to really make a difference to your mindset and physical readiness for the day.This is a recorded session which is fantastic for exercise preparation or recovery.You must be sitting or lying down in a safe place to participate.

From Anxiety to Serenity - online, recorded class

Due to the specialist nature of this class there is an extra charge to join. You can choose to pay per class or select the Anxiety to Serenity monthly membership and attend unlimited times in a month.

Anxiety is caused by acquired subconscious beliefs that we may in danger – even though our survival is not actually threatened. This learnt behaviour and thinking over many years can be powerfully changed by influencing our subconscious whilst in a hypnotic state, leading us from a state of anxiety to living life with serenity and calmness. Additionally enhanced by the energy of everyone partaking in this class, your investment in this Hypnotic Re-Set will:

1. Induce and promote relaxation for your mind and body – throughout your day

2. Re-set and change any anxious, fearful thoughts to calm, confident, serene thoughts, feelings and behaviours

3. Re-awaken and re-set your inner guidance system, intuition and extra-ordinary coping skills

This class is best enjoyed in a quiet, undisturbed setting. Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery. I recommend listening on a regular basis for at least 21 – 40 days so your subconscious can steadily embed new, empowering, positive and serene thought patterns and beliefs with anxious thoughts simultaneously fading away.

This unique hypnotic re-set includes elements of Rapid Transformational Therapy®. You are safely placed into a deeply relaxed, hypnotic state. People diagnosed with epilepsy or diagnose as having a psychotic illness should consult their GP before entering hypnosis. If you are under medical care for any condition, do not make any adjustments to any prescribed medication without the approval of your doctor.
By continuing with this class you are accepting full responsibility for your actions and outcomes and are agreeing that Christina Juppe or the Soul Spa hold no liability whatsoever for any outcomes.

Hypno-meditation to increase self confidence - live online class

Why are some people successful in life, whilst for others life is just one, long struggle?In this guided meditation, Madeline will help you to access the subconscious to remove self limiting beliefs and past programming, to start the day as a more confident and successful you.


Chakra Meditation to energise your energy centres - live online class

Our energetic body is just as important as our physical body. Problems often manifest in this energetic body before developing as physical, emotional or mental symptoms. During this guided meditation we work individually on the seven main energy centres (Chakras) of the body,transmuting any negative energies and recharging your energy vortices for a more refreshed, balanced and energetic you.

Unwind, relax and reset for improved sleep - live online class

It can be difficult to switch off and relax after a busy or stressful day. With our minds still racing, it canbe difficult getting to sleep, but also staying asleep, often waking in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. During this guided meditation we prime the subconscious to reduce our fight/flight response and promote good, undisturbed REM sleep.

Peace: a traditional Zen meditation - live in the Zen Den

Sit with Gabor and be guided to your inner peace.Places limited.

“Zen meditation is about coming to realize what you have had from beginning, rather than seeking some experience that will give you fulfilment and solve all your problems. Once we begin to practice, our experience gradually gives rise to wisdom which is the essential counterpart of compassion. The way unfolds like a spiral: as we sort out our lives and develop a little wisdom, we are able to see more clearly; this reveals the need to train more deeply which gives rise to greater compassion and again deepens our wisdom.” Daishin Morgan

Balance - a traditional Zen meditation live in the Zen Den

Sit in the Zen Den with Gabor and experience the peace of traditional Zen meditation.Limited numbers

Kundalini Snack Break - live in the Zen Den and online

Join Kari to energise the system just before lunch with a short kundalini set that promote digestive health and boosts the metabolism. A great post exercise workout booster.

Guided Meditation to clear the Emotional Shrapnel in your Energy Field - live online class

Do you feel sluggish, like you are wearing a heavy coat when you are not wearing one? Do you feel ungrounded or disconnected from those around you? If you feel like this, we can work together on clearing the emotional shrapnel from your energy field through a powerful guided meditation.

Hypno-meditation to envision your goals - live online class

Whether it’s health, financial, experiential or any other goals, experts will tell you that envisioning them will help to get your subconscious mind ready to achieve them.Allow yourself 20 minutes with Madeline to really focus on your future.

Guided relaxation for pregnant women - live online class

Take 20 minutes out of your busy week to really focus on yourself and your baby. In this guided relaxation we might focus on breathing, calming your mind, bonding with your baby or envisioning a straight-forward birth or future times with your child. It’s a powerful way to really connect with yourself and your baby.

Primordial Sound Meditation - live in the Zen Den and online

Join Anni for this meditation which uses a personalised mantra to source ‘the Gap’ into Pure Consciousness.

Primordial Sound meditation uses individually selected sounds from nature called mantras to disconnect us from the activities of life. These primordial sounds are based on the vibration the Universe was creating at the moment of your birth.

Yoga Nidra Power Nap - live online class

Join Kathryn for a short guided relaxation based on the iRest®️ protocol to re-start your day with a calm perspective. .

Spa Relax Yoga Nidra - live online class

A 40 minute guided meditation with Kathryn based on the iRest®️ protocol, to soothe the nervous system and provide truly restorative rest.

Morning Twin Heart Meditation - live in the Zen Den and online

Abridged version of the Meditation on Twin Hearts by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Founder of Pranic Healing led by Senior student, Master Stephen and co-facilitated by Anna Harvey.

Emerald Green Waterfall Meditation - live in the Zen Den and online

Anna will demonstrate some simple movements to prepare the body for this Meditation.Green Prana (energy) has deep cleansing affect on the bodies energetic system leaving you feeling refreshed and reenergised .Experience a very relaxing Meditation under the Green Emerald Waterfall to bring calm and balance to start your day.

Manifestation accelerator - live in the Zen Den and online

Take a break to dream! Join Kari for a quick kundalini set to tap into your desire and bring energy to your dreams. We’ll practise a short meditation to energise the system and bring life to the things we are calling in. Also a great post-workout energy booster.

Friday Stress Reliever - live online class

Spend 20 minutes releasing any stresses from the week and getting your mindset primed for a calm and happy weekend.

Manifestation Clinic and Meditation - first Monday of the month online

What is inspiring you this month? Join Kari on the first Monday of the month to tap into your desire and name the future you want to create.We’ll come together to set an intention of inspiration as we dive into a short kundalini mediation to rev the system and clear the fog from our intuitive light. Harnessing this energy, we’ll name our North Star for the month and the one (or more!) action step(s) we’ll take towards making this goal our own. If desired, we will find accountability partners to check in with throughout the month on our progress and lead us on. We’ll close with a short grounding meditation to seal in the intention and launch us on our way!

Guided Relaxation and Sound Bath - in the Zen Den

Our minds can constantly be on the go, as if a chattering monkey resides in our head. Let go of your thoughts for a moment and allow the sound to re-align you. The vibration of the singing bowls will guide your body into a meditative, restorative and healing state. This is a lying down meditation for complete relaxation.

This class is bookable separately and is half price for Soul Spa members.

Planetary Meditation for Peace - live every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the Zen Den

A nourishing and healing positive meditation directed towards our planet Earth and all life.

Are you worried about the future of our beautiful planet?

This supportive and important mediation brings hope in a time of eco-anxiety and helps the planet overall by sending frequencies of positive energy to the Earth and all life. It is especially powerful when done together as a group. The meditation starts with a short relaxation and body balance to connect ourselves to universal energy and loving kindness. We then direct light and positive intention to the Earth, using detailed visualisation to see the planet healed, balanced and in perfect harmony.

We look forward to sharing this earth healing meditation with you.

All Wednesday night proceeds from the Planetary Meditaions are donated to Julian House.

Mindful Presence

Explore a sense of presence beyond the thinking mind.
Connect to your deeper self which can help you access greater self awareness, trust and peace..

Mindfulness Meditation

Awareness of breath, body and senses for a healthy mind

Love to Move

Love to Move is a gentle seated exercise programme set to music that is especially designed to get older people moving and functioning better. It does this through careful integration of gymnastic foundation skills, cognitive stimulation therapy and social interaction activities. Taking part in the programme can improve cognitive function, coordination and the ability to live more independently. And its great fun; one of our participants has said that it brings her “an hour of wonderfulness each week!”