Laughter yoga is a way to release stress, have fun, and improve health. It involves a combination of laughter exercises and games in a group, with long deep breaths that expel stale air and increase oxygen in the blood. There are no actual yoga positions! It is a unique concept where anyone can laugh without the need for jokes or comedy. It involves childlike playfulness and willingness to take part in the games, initiating laughter that soon becomes real contagious laughter. It was started in 1995 by an Indian, Dr Madan Kataria, supported by his wife Madhuri, a yoga teacher.

Laughing releases endorphins and brain chemicals that make us happy. Therefore it helps us mentally and emotionally, when done regularly decreasing stress, depression and helping to improve our mood. It’s good for our health as it increases blood circulation and muscle relaxation. This helps with anxiety, pain, improves heart health and strengthens the immune system. Laughter also connects people, bonding and strengthening friendships and relationships. If you can laugh, you can cope with anything – it improves resilience and coping strategies for life’s ups and downs.

The price is dependent on number of people. It is usually £10 per person and runs for 45 minutes/1 hour.

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