Cord healing is an advanced healing modality, assisting in relationship healing between self and others. Cord healing encourages positive relationship formation. It is a helpful method of healing when a client is dealing with recurring difficult and unwanted relationship patterns.

Healing just one relationship can cause a ripple effect in surrounding relationships for example: the atmosphere within a family can change completely or communication difficulties at work can be greatly improved.

This healing technique is especially useful if it is no longer possible to have a relationship with someone in your daily life, for example in times of historic loss or breaking up with a partner. You may still feel an emotional impact following your relationship with the person, that is making you feel you cannot truly move forward. The aim is not to cut a cords, but to leave them healthy.

It enables us to get more in touch with our emotions and feelings acknowledging that we have the right to have these emotions.

First session (initial consultation and treatment, up to 90 minutes): £65.00
Follow up sessions (60 minutes): £65.00

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