All kinds of relationships can be explored through astrology and it is possible to learn a lot about ourselves through them.

There are two ways of looking at this, you can take the individual chart of a person and compare it to the other or you can combine the two and create a composite chart, which it will talk about the relationship itself as a different entity.

All kinds of relationships can be explored this way, love relationships, parent and child relationships and business partnerships.

We will also explore relationships from a Jungian point of view and his definition of projection. So we can stop arguing with others and start growing as a better version of ourselves.

For love relationships we will look in depth at your 7th house and the position of Venus and Mars.

For this report the consent of both parties is needed, and one or two can be present during the consultation.

If you both want to be present it is important to have a consultation with me first so we can explore together your natal chart the birth data of both parties is needed.

90 minutes: £80

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