As an NLP Master Practitioner, Teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation, Teacher of Breath Work I support those who are curious and have a desire and motivation to move forward in their lives. I have experience and specialism working with those on the Autistic Spectrum. With over 30 years experience and culmination of professional skills working with individuals within both the Corporate world and outside I have a great tool box of ways to empower, help and support.

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Following a conversation with a lovely woman who had left her career as Gaming and Training Manager at the Ritz Hotel Casino, Mayfair, to set up her own training consultancy, I decided to follow up the lead to study NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). This finally took place when I left the role of HR Manager at The Ritz Hotel Casino and decided to base myself down in the West Country. That was the beginning of my now combined career of not only as an HR Manager in a Packaging Machinery and Design Engineering Company, but now also a qualified NLP Practitioner, nearly 20 yrs ago. Following redundancy 15 yrs later I then finally recognised my true niche and developed my coaching skills to level of Master Practitioner , studied Positive Psychology and Application of NLP to support those on the Autistic Spectrum.

In addition to the combined career I also studied Pranic Healing which had just started to be known in the UK, going on 20 yrs ago. This gave me knowledge and understanding of the body’s energy fields, chakras as they are known by, and introduced me to different methods of meditation. This knowledge I found has complemented my Life Coaching Career and connected well with the NLP .

I then had a life changing challenge to my health when I discovered following a routine scan that I had breast cancer. Initially a shock, you never think it will happen to you, even more so because of the healing modalities I was then studying. However I received 1st class medical care combined with holistic healing and gained full recovery.

Following this I stepped down from my involvement with Pranic Healing to review, reflect and rest. It was also an opportunity to explore in more depth other holistic and spiritual modalities of which as you know there are many. This brings me closer to the present day when in the summer of 2019, I decided to attend a Retreat in Hawaii hosted by Deepak Chopra and his Team. Prior to attending the retreat I swam with the wild and free dolphins who swam and played happily along the coast of the Big Island and I plan to visit them again soon! Quite an experience as you can imagine!

Towards the end of the retreat, I decided to sign up to study to be a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher. With having no expectation to do this prior to this time, however in learning more of the content of the course, I saw the synergy which it offered to my coaching and previous holistic knowledge. I was also drawn and intrigued by the fact this derived from ancient teachings, The Upanishads, Vedic Sanskrit. The mantra (Primordial Sound) which the student receives is the vibration the Universe was creating at the time and place of their birth, and is calculated following Vedic mathematical formulas. How amazing is that!
And now I have these teachings to share with others together with my applied NLP Life Coaching skills.