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I am an Argentinian Astrologer and Psychologist currently living in the UK, dedicated to interpreting different aspects of life from a psycho-astrological perspective.

Astrology is about time and place in a certain position and alignment of the planets, which open windows of opportunities despite any surrounding external factors.

A Natal Chart shows exactly how the planets were at the exact moment of our birth and each planet has a specific archetypal energy that is directly linked to us.

The chart connects us to our essential self; who we really are and what we must learn in this life. It is a key tool for self-knowledge and spiritual growth.

Astrology came as a wonderful discovery to me at a very difficult time and during the past 15 years it has become my passion, helping me to learn valuable lessons and tackle life with a fresh approach. This has truly given purpose to my existence as I now want to gain a deeper understanding of others and how to help them also.

We’re gradually becoming more aware about mental health overall as a nation and how it affects us individually, but it is sad to see that there is still quite a stigma about the subject. At some stage however, we will all encounter challenging times and lack of clarity with decisions and paths we may need to take. I think it’s important to consider mental health in a positive light, focussing on being mentally healthy as opposed to it being a weakness or a subject to be embarrassed talking about and using it as a tool to learn more about ourselves as a means to grow.

I currently work for the NHS for a community team providing help to people in crisis, but after many years of working with the medical model I dedicated my life to learn other ways of helping people, mostly related to their spirit and the awareness of the soul.
I believe Astrology brings people closer to their real essence and understanding one self and certain aspects makes the heal process extremely powerful.

Clinical Psychology degree – Palermo University, Argentina
Professional Astrologer degree- Escuela Zona Norte, Argentina

I am offer a variety of different and personalised practises including full natal charts, relationship charts, therapy and more. If you’re looking for a new sense of direction I can help.