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Cherene is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, who is also qualified in massage.

Her journey in healing started over 10 years ago and was sparked by a curiosity to heal from a natural perspective. The possibility that suffering anxiety, depression and other emotional problems, may not need prescribed medicines but a natural approach, which included ‘looking inside yourself’ and being assisted to find the answers.

As a Teacher as well as practitioner, she wants to spread the word of ‘ energy healing’ so that people are able to use the technique so they have a transformational ‘tool’ to use in their everyday life to aid with emotional and physical healing.

Having lost her parents, she experienced how powerful Reiki can be in her own self development as well as healing her own emotional pain. She uses this daily on herself and her son. Reiki has changed her life and wants other people to feel the benefits in their life.

She is also currently studying kinesiology which will develop and deepen her practice in healing.

‘I believe that healing starts from inside and often we just need some assistance in the gentle, yet powerful, translation of what the body is trying to express.’

Therapies offered by CHERENE ROBERTS: