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Welcome, my name is Christina.

I help others unearth their full potential and remove any mental or physical blocks through hypnotherapy and coaching.

I grew up in Austria but moved to the UK and London in my early Twenties in a bid to explore “true” city life and more freedom! Fast forward almost twenty years and my impending 40th Birthday proved a turning point – I began to really think about the 40 years I had potentially remaining on planet Earth and became seriously interested in personal development. I started exploring many books as well as studying Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques and – being a horse lover – Equine Healing.

Fast forward again almost ten years and I stumbled across a method called RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy. This was another major turning point for me. I quickly realised that I needed to qualify in this amazing methodology developed by Marisa Peer, now a well known author, speaker and celebrity hypnotherapist. I immediately realised that RTT went straight to the root cause of any issue like no other method I had come across – to allow individuals to manage and even free themselves of any issue ranging from stress and anxiety, phobias, sleep issues or addictions to physical issues and pain like fibromyalgia or IBS. A truly unique method using simply the power of the mind – potentially available to anyone.

A desire to empower others “from the inside out” has always been with me and remains strong within me until today. RTT is taking the world by storm now and it forms the basis of my hypnotherapeutic work. I also use some of its principles in my Health & Wellbeing Coaching.
That said and having seen clients with all sorts of blocks, both online and in-person I am particularly interested in Health & Wellbeing at work. By homing in on underlying issues my client may or may not even be aware of, RTT can help hugely in reducing and overcoming common work and business-related issues for employers, employees, business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Stress, anxiety, burnout can be successfully overcome as well as areas as diverse as lack of sales success, blocks when closing deals, fear of public speaking or memory/focus/concentration issues. Group sessions can focus on issues such as improving team atmosphere and collaboration, communication skills or boosting motivation.

Rapid Transformational Therapy has the power to give others freedom from mental or physical blocks and the bit I love is: my clients are doing this using just the power of their mind and acquire skills in the process that can help them in all areas of their life.

Therapies offered: Health & Wellbeing Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy

Therapies offered by CHRISTINA JUPPE: