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What are you creating in your life right now? I love to explore this with you.

“Jo is a joy to work with. She doesn’t just understand this stuff, she lives it fully. I have found the whole process to be a truly inspirational experience and I would not hesitate to recommend her”

I believe we are creating our lives in every moment with our choices and who we are ‘being’. When we learn to be still and present we connect with ourselves, and with life, much more deeply and a new kind of trust can emerge. When we tune in to the NOW, life can reveal its magic. It’s possible to become aware of how joyful life is without having to chase it.

‘Waking up’ changes the way you experience yourself and teaches you to approach life differently. Eventually you realise that relaxing, letting go and living in the moment is the fastest way to unlock your life and let it flow and become more of who you were meant to be. Far from being perfect, I now see life as a fascinating journey as I learn to create more of what I prefer. I love how the ‘outer’ world shifts as I make shifts ‘within’ and life really gets into flow.

I am an experienced Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher and Hypnotherapist. I love running workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad. I have practiced Mindfulness for over 10 years and developed my skills and understanding through real life practice, in the ups and downs, heart aches and challenges of life. I have changed my own life using the very same practices that I teach.

Years ago I went through a deep depression and anxiety when I was divorced and a single parent with very young children with a challenging job teaching pupils with severe special needs. I had no choice but to keep going and of course there wasn’t time to meditate for hours. My realisation happened in the ordinary everyday muddle of existence. I now value this as a time of enormous transformation and I see that daily life is far from ordinary and awakening is very accessible, practical and life changing.

Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Self Inquiry are a powerful combination to help you gain access to your own inner resources for insight, transformation, and healing.

I offer one to one coaching, courses and workshops that are helpful and practical and provide a foundation for daily life.

I offer ‘Going Deeper’ courses and workshops exploring Spiritual Awakening and Conscious Creating.