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Hi I’m Lana. I am a enthusiastic, movement obsessed, all-round practitioner. I believe in creating a life full of passion and connection, not only with the world, people around us, but also with ourselves. My life shifted erratically from high level sport, into yoga and healing modalities. It became my rock, my sanctuary and empowered my life.

With a sports based background, academically and physically, I draw on this in my teachings and practices. With the goal to help individuals improve their movement, connect deeper, heal and light up their life. I approach each client, group or class from my heart and with a science mindset. Calling on techniques that work in an organic, holistic and specific manner, which I believe offers the greatest relationship to encourage our bodies (emotions, minds and spirits) to find the healing they require.

I believe there is magic in holding an open, non-judgmental and safe space for students and clients to move within. With access to a variety of techniques, I utilise a mixture of body massage (sports, recovery or relaxation), mobility techniques, myofascial, strength and yoga offerings to attempt to seek answers to questions of why individuals may find themselves in pain or tension.

I always offer recommendations and love to work on a long term basis with clients, so we can find a ways to light up their individual journeys.

My experience and qualifications includes: Forrest yoga 200H Teacher; Vinyasa Yoga trained; Yin 60hr Adv Training; Yoga Nidra & Meditationl Diploma in Massage Therapy; Yoga Bodywork Experience; Personal Trainer; Sport Science Degree; Endurance Sport Coaching; Strength & Conditioning Higher Education and Indoor Cycling Coaching.

Current Offerings:
Sports, Recovery and Relaxation Massage
Mobilisation and Myofascial Release
Rehabilitation through strength and conditioning
Yoga Sessions (individual or groups) – Forrest; Vinyasa; Yin and Nidra
Personal Training and Coaching offerings

If you have any questions or would like to book an session with me:
phone: 07951295491