Teresa is a multi-skilled practitioner who can work with many modalities for your optimum health.

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Using ancient healing practices in the context of 21st century living, Teresa Syed ~ Radiant Body empowers you through traditional acupuncture, D.A.R.E therapy, Kundalini yoga and creative expression to connect with your body’s innate wisdom to both heal and elevate itself.

Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture is a clinical medicine which treats a broad range of conditions (physical, emotional, psychological) it has a dimension and depth of understanding that is deeply rooted in its ancient tradition of understanding the body from observations of the natural world and how we resonate with that in terms of our bodily rhythms. It’s focus in on the person rather than the condition. It is both a science and an art, giving acupuncturists a great deal of scope in treating each and every individual with their unique complexities.

Through both yoga and traditional acupuncture we can bring ourselves back into balance. Teresa offers 1-1 combined acupuncture and yoga therapy for those interested in using the two in union. Acupuncture treatment is combined with yogic breath techniques and an infusion of healing mantra music whilst relaxing during treatment. To those who practice Kundalini Yoga she may offer a specific kriya or meditation to support the healing process.

D.A.R.E therapy (Dissolve And Resolve Emotions)

D.A.R.E is a hands on bodywork therapy using a range of clinical skills to identify and release stored trauma in the body. It works with the body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself.

As human beings we all experience levels of trauma one way or another. This can be stored
as memory in the body which can impede healthy functioning both on a physical and mental-emotional level. This can disrupt our equilibrium in a myriad of ways. Through a range of techniques, D.A.R.E. identifies where in the body we are storing the root trauma/emotion, what our unique story is behind that and the resultant survival strategies we have used that are no longer serving us. It dissolves and resolves those experiences so we can upshift to present day.

Kundalini Yoga Creativity Workshops

These yoga and art workshops – are a fusion of yoga practice and artistic activity. Teresa collaborates with various artistes to inspire people to tap into their innate creative gifts. Kundalini yoga is ‘the yoga of awareness’. It actively raises the creative life force energy from the sacral chakra, up to the higher centres (consciousness, Mind), that then manifests as creative expression. This is available to us all – creativity is a gift within each and every one of us. In fact, we are creating all the time – at work, in the home cooking, decorating, in our leisure time and in shaping our lives! We don’t have to take this too seriously either. Creativity is fun, uplifting and inspiring. It is also therapeutic; healing can occur as we explore another dimension of ourselves.

Candlit mantra-meditation circle

Meditate ~ Chant ~ Connect. You are warmly invited to bring your radiance and presence to our Soul Shall Network. A coming together every 4-6 weeks in group consciousness to send out love and healing vibrations through meditation and mantra from the kundalini yoga tradition.

For more insights into Teresa’s background and offerings see www.radiant-body.co.uk