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Hi, I’m Tracie.

I am a natural energy healer who works with the power of mind, body and spirit. I have been helping others for over 20 years to restore themselves and bring about a positive change to their well-being and lives.

I became aware of spirit and my healing abilities at a young age and as I grew older I developed a powerful connection to my spirit guides who help me to help others. During my journey of development and the emergence of my abilities, I have strengthened my bond with my spirit guides who help guide me when working together.

I started my healing journey through reiki, where my healing guides became known to me and our relationship developed, gaining deep trust, openness and understanding. With our intimate connection, they are able to work through me to channel their sacred healing powers and energies.

This has allowed me to come to comprehend the depth of my own connectedness with the collectiveness of spirit. Which enables me to bestow a deep level of empathy with those who come to restore themselves. I work in harmony with and am guided by a gathering of spirit healers. Working closely with them I am able to offer those who seek healing a powerful experience to help rebalance, ground, and restore their natural life’s rhythms and well-being.

I have studied with highly regarded spiritual healers and at centres including The College of Psychic Studies and The Arthur Findlay Spiritual College where I have been able to develop my inner self on many levels. This training has introduced me to the many facets of empowering my own being and that of my clients as they walk their own life journeys. I take a very holistic approach to those I engage with, as this most essential element allows the healing transition to take place through their mind, body and spirit as each is connected with the other.