Conscious Creating

Conscious Creating with Jo Hooson

The Present Moment is the substance with which the future is made. Therefore the best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.
Thich Nhat Hanh.

You are creating your experience in every moment with your State of Being.

Most people are doing this unconsciously. If you want to make real change then learning to create more consciously can unlock your life and allow you to experience more of what you prefer.

What do you imagine will keep you happy, safe and fulfilled? What are your motivations? It’s good to dream and to know what your passions are. It’s important to be fully you.

Perhaps you would like to get ‘unstuck’ and stop going around in circles with the same experiences happening in your life? Would you like to make a shift?

Do you have important decisions to make? Are you using your head or your heart?

Do you feel anxious about life and find it hard to make progress?


The realisation of Oneness reveals that you are not separate from what seems to be outside of you. This is a very practical and life changing realisation that you can work with in everyday life. Who you are BEING will be reflected in your experience.

Know yourself
Using Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness I can help you tune in to yourself and your responses more deeply.
Get to know your motivations and patterns and choose something new.
Be aware of the habits of your mind.
What is your heart/ your gut saying?
What is your body saying?
What is your emotional body saying?
What is your current ‘vibration’?

Perhaps you like the idea of manifesting or ‘The Law of Attraction’ but it doesn’t seem to work for you?
I see it more as the ‘Law of Attraction AND Repulsion’. Not only are you attracting things into your life but you are repelling them as well. You may also be attracting what you DON’T want. It’s not enough to simply focus on what you want and hope your life magically changes because you will always get YOURSELF. Consciously creating your life is about every moment of your life and how you live it.

I work in the here and now with the feelings that come up for you. We don’t need to go into stories about the past. I can help you to

Have a clear vision of what you choose in your life and who you prefer to be and be clear on your relationship to that vision.
Help you to live in the Now and allow life to guide you step by step.
Learn to love yourself more which transforms your relationships with others.
Explore and manage your tiggers and emotions so you can choose something new
Get in touch with the things that light you up and excite you and follow your passions.
Tune into yourself beyond the thinking mind – learn to tune in to your visceral and somatic responses and your intuition.
Be braver and more trusting of life
Allow more abundance and ease into your experience… which is already here in the moment.
Find and hold the frequency you prefer
Allow more positive synchronicities and flow into your life
Release your fears and limiting beliefs.
Learn to let go of what of what no longer serves you.
Make clearer more heart based decisions
Learn how to take the RIGHT action. Being very present with your experience helps you to tune in to what the right action is.

Find a bit of magic in your life!

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