Homeopathy is recognised by the world health organisation as one of the most widely used medicines worldwide. It is a natural healing system, which treats the individual and takes into account the physical, emotional and mental symptoms. It is safe to take along side other medications, with no side effects and it does not interfere with other treatments or therapies, it simply helps to speed up the process.

Homeopathy is an amazing system of medicine as it can beautifully bring together an understanding of both mind and body. By recognizing the unique story of each person, it allows a deep understanding of the person and any health issues a person has. Health and sickness are not separate from life itself.

Homeopathy looks at the whole person with the clear understanding that our mental and emotional complaints are inevitably interconnected to our physiology. We all know from experience that, when we are anxious our heart palpitates, we feel with our stomach, we sense with our skin, and our breath is like a barometer for any change in our emotion state.

Like any true holistic medicine, homeopathy works with the intelligence of the body and the correct remedy not only helps the body re-establish its own equilibrium, but it also helps establish an optimal state of health. One could never predict where healing with homeopathy would take the person; Its gift for the patient is the freedom to find and flourish with creativity, whichever the personal expression.

The homeopathic remedy
The remedies are non-toxic and although very gentle, they have a profound effect on the organism. Homeopathic remedies work on the principle of Like cures Like.

Who uses homeopathy
The homeopathic patients range from babies and children, through overworked students and overstressed adults. People who have had their immune system exhausted by the conventional treatments or addictions, or people conscious on the road of self-discovery. Elderly people and those with chronic conditions also benefit from the homeopathic consultation and find relief for their conditions.

Homeopathy can be the sole treatment for someone’s health care or could be used as complimentary to other treatments. Due to its subtle nature, and without interfering the action of other on going treatments, the homeopathic remedy can be taken along side conventional medications such as anti-depressant, painkiller and the likes.

Over 15% of the population in UK is using homeopathy. The lives of many of the homeopathic patients who had previously gone through various treatments and courses of medication have changed dramatically since finding homeopathy. Many celebrities had used homeopathy successfully and their testimonials are evident to the success of their treatment.

Children especially do well with homeopathy, as it is possible to lay a foundation of health that can serve a child for their whole life.

The homeopathic consultation
At the homeopathic consultation the aim is for an in depth and a non-judgmental understanding of the presented symptoms. A full health history is taken in order for the homeopath to make an accurate evaluation and remedy choice. In the initial consultation, which last around 90 minutes, knowledge of all current and past conditions is obtained as well as other biographical data. For children, a minimum of an hour is needed. Follow up consultations occur normally on a monthly to six weeks basis, but can be more frequent for acute situations.

Usually, the longer a condition has been experienced, the longer it can take to fundamentally change, but in the vast majority of cases there will be some noticeable improvement after the second consultation.

Some people like to share their emotions and describe their mental state in details; others are more reserved and simply like to get on with describing their complaints in a traditional manner.

The homeopath is comfortable to go along with any of the above and follow the patient in the way most confortable for them to express their maladies.

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