“Nearly three-quarters of workers say they want their employers to champion mental health and well-being in the workplace. This is rated as more important than equality (48%), sustainability (38%) and diversity (31%).”

As employers you are probably fully aware of the benefits of providing your staff with the tools to maintain good mental health, but how can this be done effectively?

The great news for employers is that the Soul Spa provides a range of activities and experiences to ensure your employees are motivated, engaged, calm and creative.

Online Mental Relaxation sessions

To find out more or book a session please email hello@thesoulspa.co.uk.

Benefits to the company of providing your employees with access to meditation include:

  • Staff retention
  • Staff productivity
  • Workplace engagement
  • Happier, less stressed, more focused and creative staff
  • Reduced absenteeism due to mental or physical illness
  • Recruitment incentive

Sessions are only 20 minutes long and are accessed via Zoom so can be enjoyed from anywhere your team can be comfortable and undisturbed for the duration.

Participants will be guided by expert teachers into a place of deep mental and physical relaxation. The latest research has found that just a few minutes of regular, deliberate mental relaxation can have a positive impact on our mental, physical and emotional well-being.


  • Sessions for individuals are £24 for 20 minutes, or £20 per session when booked in blocks of six or more.
  • Sessions for groups or teams are £40 per session, or £200 for a block of six.

Sessions can be tailored to your company’s needs, for example focussing on subjects such as stress management, sleep, creativity etc., or can be focused on deep relaxation.

Goal Setting and Blue Sky Thinking

To find out more or book a session please email hello@thesoulspa.co.uk.

When you are ready to move to the next level and really get fired-up to achieve your company’s goals, we have a distinctive offering to help you on your way.

Our Quantum Field is named after the field of all possibilities and is a unique space to explore new ideas for developing your business and building your teams. Equipped with a smart TV and flipchart, you can brainstorm to create a shared vision for your company. Then, if you like, you can embed the vision to motivate the desired activity with a visualisation led by one of our meditation teachers

The duration is up to you. Talk to us if you would like a follow-up visualisation or meditation.

find out more about hiring the quantum field

Online or In-person Mindset Coaching

We are proud to have two amazing coaches at the Soul Spa: Sarah Hayler and Christina Juppe.

Sarah uses a multi-technique approach for individuals or teams to activate their highest potential.

Christina uses Rapid Transformational Therapy, a speeded up version of hypnotherapy, which can be used in several specific areas:

  • Sales improvement
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Team building
  • And many more…

To find out more about how our people can help your business, contact us here or email hello@thesoulspa.co.uk</a

This short video explains the impact of stress.