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To book a sound bath, simply register and scroll through the class calendar until you see the date you would like to book for. You can also register for a free Soul Spa online meditation class.

Our Mission

To give people the tools to manage their thoughts, mind, emotions and behaviours for optimal mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

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Why the Soul Spa?

When you want to be physically fit and strong you may need to change your diet and take regular exercise, join a gym and even get yourself a personal trainer. When you want to be mentally and emotionally fit you need to learn how to change the way you think, take regular mental exercise and design your future.

Your emotional and physical health are linked to your mental health. This is why here at The Soul Spa we focus on getting you mentally fit so you can transform your emotional and physical wellbeing and create the life you dream of.

You may be aware of the need for strong mental and emotional wellbeing, but don’t quite know where to begin. What you need is a simple, effective and affordable solution that creates change within you.

Our Philosophy

Your beliefs create your thoughts, or internal voice, and these beliefs were most likely created during your childhood by the people and circumstances that surrounded you at that time. If your beliefs are in some way holding you back or making you unhappy, it is possible to change them.

We help you to decide what beliefs are truly aligned with your best interests so that you can live your happiest and most successful life. Meditation is a huge part of this process as it gives you the time and space to do this.